Interview with a Tech reviewer and YouTube blogger:

Tom Honeyands, Tech Chap

Making the leap to working on your own

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We sat down for a chat with Tom Honeyands to discuss his career as a YouTube influencer and Tech reviewer

Tom Honeyands a charismatic British Tech YouTuber and Tech reviewer who can be found at most tech events around the world. Tom took the leap from working as a successful Video Producer at Trusted Reviews to becoming a full time YouTube creator.


How did you become a YouTuber and Why?
I never really planned to become a YouTuber. I was actually trying to learn to code apps at the time, but one day I thought I’d borrow my Dad’s camera and film myself talking about a new phone I’d bought. The comments were really encouraging, so i made another video, and another…


How did you decide on an industry focus?
I’ve always loved tech – from building PCs with my brother as a kid so we can play LAN games together, to the ‘wow’ moment of using the first iPhone. It’s an ever-changing industry and it’s always exciting to see what’s round the corner.


Why do you want to work with the brands you work with?
It’s all about the products (and the people too, but mainly the products!) If a brand offers genuinely innovative, exciting and competitive products then it’s a pleasure to work with them and share their tech with consumers.


What is your definition of an influencer?
Someone who has an effect on another’s buying decision


Would you consider yourself an Influencer?
Yes. I give consumer buying advice on tech products, and hope to help people make more informed decisions.


How can brands effectively leverage influencer marketing?
Create and build relationships with influencers on a personal and professional level. Help them to show off your products by providing samples or giving them exclusive, early access.


What is your view on micro- influencers compared to celebrity influencers?
Both are important – you never know who the next influencer celebrity will be, and working with more micro-influencers can help you reach a more varied, grassroots audience. They also tend to be more focused on the product, and less about their influencer business.


In your honest opinion, what are you looking for in a cooperation? What are your expectations?
I’m always open to new opportunities, as long as the end result is content that is either informative or entertaining (hopefully both!) YouTube is my fulltime job so I do also need to make money, but the subscribers and followers are always the number one priority!


How should brands know if the influencers they decide to work with, is a good match for their brand?
Just by watching their videos, viewing their content and looking at the engagement (e.g. comments) brands should get a good idea whether that influencer is a match for their brand.


How can brands and influencers work together for each other’s benefit?
Giving influencers better, or earlier, access to products. Using the resources of the brand and the personality/reach of the influencer to create more engaging content.


How should brands measure the results and track the ROI of their influencer/ youtuber marketing work?
Views, number of comments, competition entries, click throughs of a trackable link are all good metrics.


How do you guarantee the virality that the clients are paying for?
There are no guarantees, brands should do the due diligence of looking at the channel they want to work with and form their own expectations of results. Influencers always want to get the highest views possible, but there are so many variables it’s often hard to predict.

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