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Tomi Adebay

Gadgets Boy

There is no question that influencers have become powerful weapons for brands to work with. However, when it comes to working with an influencer, how do you find the right influencer for your brand? How do you know who the right influencer is?

To introduce the 42 Influencer Network – we sat down for a chat with one of it’s Influencer partners; Tomi Adebayo aka Gadgets Boy. We discussed tactics & tips for brands looking to working with influencers.

How can brands effectively leverage Influencer Marketing?

Tomi is always on the hunt to work with brands that create inspiring products, that are functional and pushing boundaries. To effectively leverage influencer marketing, Tomi suggests that
brands ask these questions;

Is the influencer a good match for their brand?
Do they have the right audience for my product?
Do they promote positivity over controversy?
Will they dump my product as soon as the campaign is done?

Agent 42 recommends that brands look beyond the number of followers an influencer has, as this is not enough to yield the desired ROI for your brand. It is also important that the influencer believes in
the brand they are promoting, and we suggest that brands make sure that influencers are educated enough about the brand to speak both positively and factually about their range of services or product.

Agent42 are in the business of making sure we only recommend the right influencers for the right product to ensure that all engagement is informative and educational to the end user.


The challenge of measuring campaign ROI?

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face in influencer marketing is measuring the return on their investment. Results on building brand premium or awareness for a product are not always instant. One way Agent42 do this is by providing influencers with a unique URL or a discount code that their followers canfluse. This can be used to easily measure the conversions the influencer drives. Looking beyond direct nancial return, Influencers can help achieve campaign goals such as traffic reach, social reach & impressions.

Agent 42 also recommends gathering data around engagements, not just views. Agent 42 recommends that brands take time to sift through and respond to the questions and comments from their online community.


Ready to give it a go for your brand?

Agent 42 can find you the right influencer for your brand and guarantee great digital content that highlights your unique product or service in the right tone for your brand. We work with hundreds of influencers across multiple industries and markets. Get it touch to find out how we can help you!

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