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Marcus Cole,PC centric

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We sat down for a chat with Marcus Cole to
discuss his career as a YouTube influencer

How did you become a YouTuber and Why?
It all started as a ‘why not’ really. I was sitting in my teenage bedroom, deciding whether to upgrade to Windows 8. There wasn’t actually any coverage at all on the subject of gaming, so I decided to answer the question myself. I picked up a camera and pressed record. The rest, is history.


How did you decide on an industry focus?
I’ve always been a techhead, anything electronic just intrigues me. PC Gaming allows for so much customization and new product types, that it’s a natural fit.


Why do you want to work with the brands you work with?
I’m passionate about great products. If there’s a company that shares the same ideology, I want to work with them. Fortunately there’s a lot of them.


What inspires you?
I’m a bit of an Elon Musk fanboy. The fact that we’re stuck in a world with so much resistance is pretty sucky, so to have someone working round the clock to not only fix these problems, but do it a way that appears ‘cool’ is very inspiring.


What is your favourite way to collaborate with brands and businesses?
Great collaborations start with great ideas, and I think that any brand that’s prepared to genuinely listen to feedback will be hearing from me again. Whether it’s a product review or sponsored content, the best videos have always stemmed from ‘how can we work with you’, rather than ‘this is our message, can you make it’.


What is your definition of an influencer?
A person in the public eye that has influence over someone’s opinion


Would you consider yourself an Influencer?
Yes. It’s a bit of a new word and it’s a tad scary. It’s a certainly a privilege though, as it’s always nice to know that people listen to you.


How can brands effectively leverage influencer marketing?
Find someone that already uses and loves your products. A genuine endorsement that you can amplify by working closer with the influencer is going to help both parties.


How can influencer marketing drive a higher return on investment?
It’s targeted marketing, so it’s about hitting the right channel with authenticity. I’ve signed up to Amazon’s Audible service after an endorsement from Alec Steel’s YouTube channel as I knew he loved the service. 6 months later, and I’m hooked.


What is your view on micro- influencers compared to celebrity influencers?
They often seem to be more genuine. That’s not to say they are, but I always think that celebrities ‘don’t actually use that’


What does the future of influencer marketing look like in your eyes?
Not too different to how it is now. It’ll adapt to any platform changes, but the core relationship will remain the same.


How should brands measure the results and track the ROI of their influencer / youtuber marketing work?
Trackable links are the way forward. They allow you to see how many viewers were interested in the products, and it’ll give you an idea of whether the integration is working.


How do you guarantee the virality that the clients are paying for
Unfortunately you don’t. You should always research the influencer and get key statistics such as average view metrics and demographics, but anyone offering or expecting virality is bound to be disappointed. It’s very hard to call which content will go above and beyond normal boundaries, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

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