How to succeed as virtual agency

Remember your client is your god

Be on hand whenever your client needs you. Understand their business goals. Offer value, share your insights and deliver what they want when they want it. Be adaptable and make yourself available for meetings, so you can work as an extension of their team.



Stay connected

Communication is key, so keep in contact with your team. At Agent42 our core team and freelancers talk daily. We meet face-to-face every week, either at a private members’ club or co-working space, plus we have daily virtual team meetings through Google Hangouts. 



Tech is your best friend. Here are our top picks

DropBox: To store and share files
Google Hangouts: For team conference calls and status meetings
Skype: For quick team message chats
Google Docs: For file workings and as a sharing platform
ActiveCollab: To work on projects with others
Microsoft Project: For team project management



It’s not all work and no play!

Virtual working gives you a great work-life balance as you can choose your hours while still meeting your client’s needs. But success depends on you being able to separate your personal life from your working life. It’s important to work from a variety of places, whether that’s a co-working space, a client’s HQ, or your own home. Virtual working allows you to work in inspiring locations and that keeps things fresh, new and exciting. Balance your work life and home life and you’ve got it made!

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