Graduates joining the PR industry

As new graduates apply for various schemes and entry level PR roles, we believe that our industry needs to go beyond the degree attained and recruit on the basis of their passion for the sector and their ability to tell a story for a client. These are our top tips for the next generation PR executives: 
Write a journal – Writing a tweet or a WhatsApp is not good enough to improve your narration abilities! The art of writing is in actual fact a discipline; the more you practice it, the better storytellers you become. The key is to write regularly (even if your remit doesn’t permit). It is also handy to not restrict yourself to work-related content. Try writing a journal? express your thoughts, ideas, arguments on paper — regularly. This practice will enhance your ability to convey ideas and arguments effectively. Future storytellers, what are you waiting for? Pick a pen and go for it. One idea per day, keeps a grumpy client at bay 😉

Read everything – We don’t believe in only reading a particular newspaper. We think a variety of written content must be absorbed by the generation of today. Begin reading feature stories, small books, articles, white papers – anything and everything that picks your fancy. See how argument are formed, how instructions are conveyed and how grasping a listicle can be! Before you know it, you will have renewed the habit of reading a wider scope that you didn’t believe could peak your interest and in turn you’ll be better storytellers. 
Creative thoughts are always welcomed – you are no longer defined to an examiner answer book and therefore have full liberty to think outside the box. Challenge your agency, challenge your clients and break the rule book. I guarantee you that s a client would rather work with an agency that it could disagree with – provided that the discussion is evidence-based, and an alternative suggestion is on the cards – than one which offered no opinion and simply waited to be given direction. So, partake in team discussions confidently and fear no judgement. 

Today’s PR Execs, tomorrow’s PR leaders.

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